Some of our reviews on yelp was being filtered by their yelp filtering system. And admit it or not it was very frustrating especially to those accounts are real but still being filtered.

Ways to beat yelp algorithm

  1. Don’t leave 5 stars or 1 star especially when your account is just new. It may trigger the yelp filtering review system if your account was just left 5 stars or 1 star. Much better to give 4 stars or 3 stars especially if it’s your first review.
  2. Make sure that you have a profile picture in your account. Accounts on yelp without a profile image are most likely being filtered.
  3. Make sure to complete your profile information. You must complete your profile information before you review Because this factor can track the Yelp algorithm that’s why your reviews are being filtered.
  4. Review first in your current location. You need to reviews first in your current location before you review other places which are far away from your address. And always remember that yelp filtering system can detect your IP address that’s the main reason why your reviews are being filtered.
  5. Reviews can’t be short. Especially when you just started a Yelp account. This factor might also the reason why your reviews end up being filtered.

What is yelp Algorithm?

most of you wondering why your reviews getting filtered right? that’s because yelp algorithm works on it! it’s a system that can detect reviews on Yelp and accounts also that is NOT real!

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